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Our speakers will inspire you to go beyond the beaten track. They’ll share their top tips for success, and get you writing better code.

Harry Roberts - CSS Wizardry

CSS for Software Engineers for CSS Developers

Depending on where you draw your measurements from, the first programming languages for use on ‘modern’ electric computers were designed in the ’40s and ’50s.

CSS, on the other hand, is a mere adolescent—born in 1996, it’s just 18 years old. This means that...

Alice Bartlett - Financial Times

Asking for More

When I managed developers, I found myself fixing the same problems repeatedly.

This talk will cover getting the most out of your role as a developer or person new to development including; how to negotiate a salary, how to spot and make the most of...

Alex Sexton - Stripe

Getting Involved in Open Source

As a person who is new to the Open Source world, contributing back can sound like the least likely outcome to you.

But it’s not as scary as it sounds. With a few rare exceptions, everyone’s just winging it like you are.

The open...

Linda Liukas - Hello Ruby

​Six impossible things before breakfast

“You used to be much more...muchier. You’ve lost your muchness.”

We all begin our careers in programming full of play. There's curiosity, joy and wonder of discovery. So how do we stay like Alice, choose always the red pill and fall deeper down into the...

Andy Appleton - Heroku

Done Is Better Than Perfect

The Heroku dashboard is a large client side JavaScript app which was rewritten with Ember last year. Since then the project has gone from a promising greenfield of perfect code to a bit of a mess and lately, back again.

This is a story about...

Una Kravets - IBM Design

Open Sourcing Your Life

Developers often talk about optimising their code bases, but what about optimising our personal development?

This session is about my journey with open sourcing my life.

In October 2014, I put my personal goals on GitHub (things I want to learn and do), set up...

Maxim Cramer - PIEMapping

Users! Now what?

When getting into software development, we tend to focus exclusively on writing excellent code. But what about the people that we’re coding for - the end users of our product?

In this 15-minute talk I’ll be bringing things back to them; introducing you to...

Paul Lewis - Google

Performance on RAILs

Looking at web performance advice can be overwhelming: everything comes with caveats, disclaimers, and sometimes one piece of advice can seem to actively contradict another.

Phrases like “the DOM is slow” or “always use CSS animations!” make for great headlines, but the truth is...

Alana Wood - Ustwo

How To Make Apps People Love

Moodnotes is an app to improve your thinking habits, and was launched this year as Ustwo’s first move into the health space.

Partnering with psychologists based in Los Angeles and getting the MVP out in just 2.5 months forced us to focus on what would...

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Design for Developers: An Intro to Sketch

Sketch Team

JavaScript Graphics and Animation

Seb Lee-Delisle

Future-Proofing Tech & Digital Careers

General Assembly

Patchwork by GitHub


Test Driven Development using Ruby & RSpec

Makers Academy

Hacks for Getting Hired

General Assembly

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Championing Diversity In Tech

At Beyond, the focus is on helping people step up and go further with their code, no matter who they are. To that end, we want to make sure we’re providing an environment where all delegates can feel comfortable and encouraged to learn. Before joining us, please make sure that you feel the same way. Read our code of conduct here.

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